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Real Goods Solar is Participating in Climate Ride California 2011

September 29, 2011 by Real Goods in Community with 0 Comments

Real Goods Solar employees Tom Cotter, Melissa Watson and Jennifer Brantley will be representing Real Goods Solar in Climate Ride California 2011. Climate Ride is a 5-day, 320-mile charitable bike ride that supports bike advocacy and organizations working toward a sustainable future.

Climate Ride route

Climate Ride route

Climate Ride begins in the heart of California’s Redwood forest near Eureka, traveling along the Avenue of the Giants. After the formidable, 1400-foot Leggett Hill climb, riders make a beautiful descent to the coastline. Much of the ride takes place along the coast, but there’s a detour inland through some of California’s wine country before riders cross the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco. Climate Ride California is a beautiful bike trip, but it’s also a journey made by people who are passionate about doing what it takes to maintain that beauty for future generations.

Melissa, Tom and Jennifer are looking forward to a scenic and challenging ride, as well as meeting people who share their commitment to the ideas of renewable energy and bicycles — the ultimate carbon-free form of transportation.

Check back for their updates during the ride October 2-6. Good luck climbing Leggett Hill, guys!

Tom Cotter and Jennifer Brantley

Tom Cotter and Jennifer Brantley

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