1. Can you use an other brand of panel to charge this? id hate to pay the 200 bucks for the GZ 30 panel if another brand is far less. Thank you!

  2. Hi Rich,

    You can charge your Goal Zero with any 12 volt panel using the Goal Zero MC4 adapter (http://realgoods.com/goal-zero-8mm-adapter-cable). To charge the Yeti 150 from a non-Goal Zero solar panel I recommend a Solartech 45 watt (http://realgoods.com/solartech-solar-panel-45w-spc045p). However, If you plan on using this unit for 3 or more days offgrid camping etc. I recommend a Dasol 90 watt to ensure daily re-charge (http://realgoods.com/dasol-90w-36-cell-solar-panel-ds-a18-90)

    Technical Sales
    Real Goods

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