Now Accepts the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrencies

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You can now pay for your off-grid living supplies with bitcoin (or bitcoin cash) at!

Bitcoin (often abbreviated as BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH) are secure, decentralized digital currencies that are gaining mainstream acceptance. We recognize that many of our customers take a lot of pride in their independence and have already chosen to – or plan to – get off the electrical grid. We love this desire for self-sufficiency and so we’re pleased to be able to accommodate those who want to be off the financial grid, too.

By integrating the secure payment provider BitPay into our website checkout, we’re now able to accept the bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH) cryptocurrencies on our website.

Talk about being off the grid!

Visit now!

How Paying with Bitcoin Works on

Nothing about the shopping experience is any different on because of bitcoin. During checkout, you’ll simply choose “Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash” instead of “Credit Card” as your payment method.

When you click to place your order, you’ll be taken temporarily to BitPay’s website for the processing of your payment. It works like this:

  • You’re given an invoice that expires in 15 minutes.
  • You’ll confirm your email address and which cryptocurrency you’d like to pay with (bitcoin or bitcoin cash).
  • You’ll choose how to complete the payment (scanning a QR code or entering the address of your bitcoin wallet or bitcoin cash wallet). There’s a “How do I pay this?” link if you get stuck.
  • Once the invoice has been paid successfully, it will turn into a “Payment sent” message and you’ll see a button to return to
  • If the invoice isn’t paid within 15 minutes, it expires. But you can go back to and place your order again to generate a new invoice.

Note that you must have a Payment Protocol compatible wallet to pay with bitcoin or bitcoin cash. The following wallets are compatible and free to use:

Compatible Bitcoin Wallets

  • BitPay Wallet
  • Copay Wallet
  • Mycelium Wallet
  • Airbitz Wallet
  • Electrum Wallet
  • Bitcoin Core Wallet
  • Wallet
  • BRD Wallet (breadwallet)

Compatible Bitcoin Cash Wallets

  • BitPay Wallet
  • Copay Wallet
  • Wallet
  • Bitcoin Cash Wallet
  • Electron Cash Wallet

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